THINK kayaks are world renowned for quality and performance and its fantastic to be able to offer THINK skis in partnership with THINK Kayak Europe. THINK were created in 2007 and ever since they have developed and redeveloped products to perform better and better. THINK are proactive at bringing paddling to younger people and THINK support several world champions including Sean Rice. THINK’s famous and world renowned ski is the UNO but there are many other models available to try. Here at Ocean City, its about what fits and works for you and for sure we will direct you toward a ski which is pitched at your level and a ski which can aid your immediate progressive journey.

Offering these two fantastic brands means there will be a ski which fits you and your needs.

Check out the following models we recommend however please note- all products are available- including spec skis, prone paddleboards and accessories.



Dimensions = Length: 18′ (550cm), Width: 22” (56cm). Capacity 130-240 pounds (60 – 110 kg).

Think Kayaks are always about the fun stuff. If three words could sum up this new craft it’s stable, fast, and fun!

At 22” wide the Ace is THINK’s most stable ski, but the sleek “swede” form means the Ace has the speed of a performance ski. The 18′ length is highly manoeuvrable, great for exploring along the coast line, or linking waves when you find the wind at your back. The gunwale is low beside the seat, making remounts a snap should the need arise, and the integrated carry handle makes off the water handling a breeze. For big fun on the water, the Ace is for you!

Construction- Price: Performance £2495 Elite £2995

UK Stock available. Demo coming soon


Dimensions- Length: 18′ 4″ (560 cm), Width: 20.5″ (52 cm). Capacity: 110 – 220 pounds (50 – 100 kg)

The Zen is the Swiss Army Knife of high-performance paddling. First and foremost, it’s fast. Really fast. The length to width ratio is such that it can mix it up with the elite and competitive skis with confidence. The slightly shorter length reduces wetted surface area; the benefit being exceedingly quick acceleration.

Second is the stability. The Zen is very stable for a ski of this performance level. To go fast you need to be able to apply power. To apply power you need a platform that is confidence inspiring, letting you focus on maximum efficiency. The primary stability in the Zen lets you dig deep when you need to.

Thirdly, the Zen features the Gen3 ergonomics that really let you perform at your best. THINK’s footboard system adjusts in 5 mm increments, allowing you to find the exact position that fits you perfectly. The lower hump under the knees offers unrestricted leg drive, and the seat height is comfortably above the footwell, putting the paddler in a strong position.

Carry handles on the side of the Zen make for easy handling off the water. The DeBrito bailer in the footwell evacuates any water with a flick from your heel.

Construction- Price: Performance £2495 Elite £2995

UK Stock Available. Demo coming soon



Dimensions= Length: 19′ 8″ (600 cm), Width: 19″ (48.25 cm). Capacity 120 – 230 lb (55 – 105 kg).

Fast, stable, efficient, comfortable! The Think Six is the direct result of our experience with the Zen and Ion, combining the best attributes of both to create an outstanding craft.

The design criteria required high initial stability, so the Six has a reasonably flat hull under the bucket and extending towards the stern (unlike the rounded design profile of the Evo). The rocker line is tuned to perform well in downwind conditions, without surrendering speed in the flats. The paddle entry cutaways remain close to vertical, minimising the amount of water entering the footwell in rough conditions.

In the ergonomics department, the Six inherits the extremely comfortable seat from the Gen 3 Ace. Slightly wider than earlier models, there is ample room for rotation and leg drive. The base of the seat is placed well above the footwell, with a low hump under the knees, creating a strong position to apply power.

The Think Six comes standard with bow and stern handles, side carry handles, quick-adjust footboard, Q-Powerline rudder line, and DeBrito bailer.

Construction- Price: Performance £2495 Elite £2995 Ultimate £3595

UK Stock available. Demo coming soon

Dimensions= Length: 21′ 1″ (642 cm), Width: 17.5″ (44.5 cm). Capacity 120 – 230 lb (55 – 105 kg).
The Think Ion is back as the high-performance all-star! With a new rocker profile, new seat and footwell, and new low profile deck, the ion is tuned to offer great speed, handling, and efficiency.

Whether in a howling downwind or on the mirror flats, the Ion is a true all-conditions advanced paddler’s ski.

One of the very important aspects retained in this forward design is the increased stability compared to an elite ski. This increase in stability allows the paddler to apply full power, even when conditions get testing.

The updated seat and footwell accommodate a greater range of athlete sizes, both tall and small. The seat hump is lower improving leg drive and rotation. The lower deck lines offer less windage and reduced weight. A DeBrito bailer takes care of any water in the footwell.

Construction- Price: Elite £2995 Ultimate £3595

UK Stock available. Demo coming soon

Dimensions- Length: 21′ 2″ (645 cm), Width: 17″ (43 cm). Capacity 110 – 195 lb (50 – 90 kg)

The Uno is the elite ski for the taller or smaller paddler that does not need the volume of the Uno Max. The new Uno is designed with lighter paddlers in mind, and has been put through it’s paces by World Champion Teneale Hatton, and U23 World Champ, Mackenzie Hynard.

If you want the absolute fastest ocean ski and you’re a light paddler you’ve found your match. The lower leg hump improves leg drive for shorter legged paddlers, and the reduced deck height greatly reduces windage. If you’re a bit heavier, but paddle primarily in flat to small conditions, the Uno remains an excellent choice.

The new Uno Max has already taken the win at the 2016 Euro Challenge, the 2016 All Wave Cup, and a podium finish at the legendary 2016 Molokai Challenge. There is simply no better all-conditions race winning craft for the elite paddler.

Construction- Price: Elite £2995 Ultimate £3595

UK Stock Available. Demo on request

Performance 15.5 KG (Individual models will vary in weight depending on dimensions)

Elite 12.5 KG (Individual models will vary in weight depending on dimensions)

Ultimate 11 KG (Individual models will vary in weight depending on dimensions)

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