Future Plans




I wish you all the best of luck during 2020. Covid19 has been devastating for our health and economy. Right now our lifestyles are at risk and most of our plans have gone down the drain.

I am working on my project: Ocean City Paddlesports and working at establishing a permanent base. I also work full time at a school. I am still planning an expedition and  a trip to the west coast of Scotland would be amazing to either circumnavigate the Outer Hebrides or attempt the Hebridean triangle. Scotland’s weather is always the thing which dictates the options.

I had already organised the time off and I was training to go back to Ireland and attempt the record this June but understandably, that is not happening. The plan was to was to start near Cork and go clockwise like most other previous trips.

The Hebridean Triangle was completed in 2007 by a duo from Scotland. Its a massive achievement and the routes takes on the crossings from the Monach Isles to St Kilda and from St Kilda to The Flannan Isles. The longest open water section being around 40 nautical miles.

The Outer Hebrides is exposed to the full Atlantic swells and winds.


The Do What’s On Your Doorstep Expedition

During isolation I have been planning a few trips including:

  • New Zealand
  • Yukon
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Tasmania

One thing I am always coming up against is finance, carbon footprint and equipment logistics. I made a plan to do the UK circumnavigation three years ago and I decided against it last year due to family and work commitments. After working through lots of other trips the UK circumnavigation is looking very likely, as I can paddle from my base in Plymouth. The expedition would be carbon neutral or negative and I know I can get a good time. With 2020 becoming an issue to plan an prepare for, 2021 could be the year for an extended expedition. Watch this space!