Ocean Surfski Guiding | SUMMITS OF THE SEA: Scillies, Lundy, Eddystone.


Progressive Sessions: We have access to a wide range of locations and we can pick the most appropriate launch site to get the perfect conditions to suit the goals, objectives and expected outcomes.

Chasing Bumps | Downwind: Learn the skills to use the ocean to generate speed and save energy. If you are nervous about open water and need some tips and a confidence boost, this is for you. We can surf next to you and whisper sweet and encouraging words in your ear. Of course if you crash and burn we will be right there to support your remount,

Get the most out of your local water. Do what’s on your doorstep! Learn how to use the coast and your local water to achieve maximum fun! 

The area which we usually work is south Devon, SE Kernow and Portland, Dorset – However we can work further afield and within other areas in the South West

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Scillies | Lundy | Eddystone | Irish Sea Crossings | Minch & Scottish Islands


Join Tom on one or all of these benchmark paddles here in the UK. 

Join a training programme which will give you the skills and fitness to undertake these open water challenges. Tom has extensive open water and expedition experience.

Paddler Requirements- Lundy: Comfortable in open water up to F4 | Able to paddle non stop- without getting out of your kayak for up to five hours | Able to maintain a steady 3-4kt pace | Own all of the required equipment (Please contact us)

Paddler Requirements- Scillies: Comfortable in open water up to F5 | Able to paddle non stop- without getting out of your kayak for up to ten hours | Able to maintain a steady 3-4kt pace | Own all of the required equipment (Please contact us)

The way this works: You will be invited to attend a range of preparation paddles. Once completed you will receive an action plan designed to help you progress to the required level. Once at the required level you will be added to the team list and we will all wait for weather windows in which to paddle. These trips will happen during July and August and you must be available to paddle week days.

These trips are some of the most advanced trips to undertake in a sea kayak. Toms job is to guide you, help you achieve your goals and work to keep you safer. This is open water and although weather systems can be predicted with the help of todays technology- its important to be mindful that these trips can be high risk due to many dynamic factors.

Please enquire for prices


Drakes Island Kayak Tours £35 to £55 per person. Boat, paddle, wetsuit and PFD provided!

Please see individual SOT pages for further information and prices.


Surfski and closed cockpit sea kayak. Prices for half day, full day and Multiple day trips. Per person:

Guided Half Day Using Your Own Boat: £75 (With OC Kayak/Ski: £95). Ideal for beginners and progressive paddlers

Guided Full Day Using Your Own Boat: £150 (With OC Kayak/Ski £170). Ideal for progressive paddlers.

For couples and small groups- (up to 4 overall) a 10% discount per person will be deducted from the individual prices.


SUMMITS OF THE SEA prices vary however an open water/crossing/exped day/night is usually £200 per day

Please email: paddler@surfskidynamics.co.uk with your requirements