The Hebridean Triangle was completed in 2007 by a duo from Scotland. Its a massive achievement and the routes takes on the crossings from the Monach Isles to St Kilda and from St Kilda to The Flannan Isles. The longest open water section being around 40 nautical miles.

The Outer Hebrides is exposed to the full Atlantic swells and winds. This trip was due to happen in 2020 however covid put a halt to this!

During 2021 we are planning multiple trips to Lundy, Eddystone and Scillies. We are also planning the paddle North Expedition- travelling up the west coast of England and Wales. Planning and training is underway. One thing you will learn if you follow our social media channels and this website is that we are always scheming and looking at maps and charts!

A BIG trip we are currently checking out is the Devon Island expedition. Proposed for 2022. A circumnavigation of Devon and Cornwallis Island. Devon Island is the largest uninhabited Island on the planet and where NASA train for Mars missions.